GITCHI GAMI is a Native American term meaning 'big water'.

The brand started as a small dream for founder Jessine Chase, who grew up in "The Land of 10,000 Lakes", Minnesota. 

"From a young age, I felt this urge to create things and show everyone what was in my brain. Finger paints became underwater wonderlands, sticks and stones became outdoor architecture, and bed sheets became lavishly draped gowns. Ive always loved challenging myself to seek out unexpected design or an alternate purpose in everyday materials. When I was around 19, I discovered my mother's old sewing machine and had her teach me some basics. Combined with my life-long love for fashion, Gitchi Gami Clothing was born on Etsy in 2011. By selling one-of-a-kind creations made from t-shirt scraps and recycled crochet, my creative outlet was fulfilled. AND I was making some money. What could be better?

However, I knew that waitressing and selling handmade clothes at music festivals wasn't going to cut it in the long run. I dabbled in school and looked into several big majors, trying to sway myself in a different direction for the sake of securing my future. But honestly, internships and creating a resume never crossed my mind. Having a 9-5 office job never crossed my mind. I wanted to be the boss. There was a point where I just accepted that “the norm” wasn't going to happen for me. So I signed up for a two year apparel design program at a community college in Minneapolis where I learned all the sewing skills I needed to know. One of the classes I chose to take was a swimwear class, and it was love at first stitch.

From that point on I became obsessed with making swimsuit patterns and learning how to manipulate them into my own unique designs. My Etsy shop shifted into mainly swimwear and it was doing better than ever. So Ive decided to put my whole heart and all of my motivation into the chance that I really can do something I love for a living."

GITCHI GAMI is known for exotic prints, seamless comfort, sexy silhouettes, and one of a kind design. Its about the balance of day-dreaming and risk-taking. Its about taking the path less traveled and never being afraid to stand out.